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Electronic Stimulators



Increased local circulation via Muscle Stimulation has a broad, clinical applicability, both in terms relating to rehabilitation and in general conditioning of healthy skeletal muscle. Conditions which are a result of, or exacerbated by, the existence of a chronic involuntary muscle contraction due to spasm are effectively treated by Electronic Stimulation. The application of a precisely metered and controlled specific electrical wave form to the underlying skeletal musculature relieves chronic muscle spasm. In a number of disorders, the chronic spasm results in local swelling and increased pressure on the adjacent tissue. If nerve roots are in this field, a reduction of the swelling and a disruption of the chronic spasm can have a dramatic impact on the patient’s condition.

Pain Managements with Electronic Stimulation

The machine is simulating exercise not only to the “active” muscles but also to the “inactive” or injured muscles, thus allowing them to be strengthened and re-educated. The stimulator can do this, even though the patient cannot, because it does not invoke the reflex arch mechanism. Thereby being able to work the inactive muscles without the use or need of medications (narcotics or steroids). By being used at home it allows the patient to have longer treatments for a longer period of time than would be financially possible within a clinical setting.


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